Serving the St. Louis Region, Mid-Missouri and Metro East

Serving the St. Louis Region, Mid-Missouri and Metro East


Start safe, stay safe.

At Integrated Facility Services (IFS), our motto is “Start safe, stay safe.”

Our goal is a zero incident workplace, because we firmly believe that no injury or lost workday is acceptable. Safety can never be compromised, not under any circumstance.

That’s why every IFS employee is empowered and responsible for maintaining a safe work environment by following strict safety protocols, reporting hazards and taking measures to prevent accidents.

Our four-person team of safety professionals is the driving force behind our award-winning safety program. They develop, implement and monitor safety throughout the organization to maintain a safe, healthy and injury-free workplace.

IFS Safety Program

The IFS Safety Program includes:

  • Weekly safety training of all sales, shop, field and management personnel by OSHA 500 outreach trainers and consultants.
  • Monthly IFS Safety Committee meetings with representatives from every department
  • Regular equipment, vehicle and tool maintenance.
  • Strictly enforced Drug and Alcohol Policy, no exception.

Safety Awards

Over the years IFS has received numerous safety awards from:

  • National Fire Protection Association
  • American Subcontractors Association
  • Associated General Contractors
  • Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA)