Serving the St. Louis Region, Mid-Missouri and Metro East

Serving the St. Louis Region, Mid-Missouri and Metro East

Reduce Your Chiller’s Energy Usage


Reduce Your Chiller’s Energy Usage up to 30% by Adding a Variable Frequency Drive!

A centrifugal chiller is typically the single largest consumer of energy in a building and as the cost for large horsepower VFD comes down, their application on centrifugal chillers has become more economically attractive. Since most chillers operate at part load/off 99% of the time, the savings created by installing a VFD can be significant, up to 30% annually. By accruing off-design energy savings, payback can come in as little as one to three years. Plus, you will realize substantial savings year after year over the chiller’s life.

The Chiller Systems Group has developed a Chiller Optimization Package (COP). This state-of-the-art package, comprised of a highly efficient VFD coupled with a user friendly microprocessor based touch screen control panel, is designed for existing chillers regardless of brand or size.

The COP retrofit was developed specifically for large tonnage centrifugal chillers. Now you can reduce your energy costs by applying the COP retrofit to your existing chiller. The result: an annual average energy savings of up to 30%. These savings are possible because no other constant speed centrifugal chiller can match the performance of a COP retrofitted chiller under real-world operating conditions.


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