Serving the St. Louis Region, Mid-Missouri and Metro East

Serving the St. Louis Region, Mid-Missouri and Metro East

Ameren Trade Ally Network Awards


Recently, Jim Gianopulos was interviewed about the Ameren Trade Ally BizSaver Program.  This interview will be shown at the Trade Ally Network Awards.  You can read his interview below.

What do I think about the Ameren program?
I think the program is great.  It’s been a tremendous asset in driving attention to the reduction of energy both commercially and residentially.

Why did you get involved with the program and trade ally network?
I feel energy reduction is a very important topic for many reasons.  This program is well run with great ideas, and shares a common thought process in finding reduction.  This made the decision to be part of the network an easy one.

What do I think about the available incentives?
The incentive offering is vast.  If a facility is determined in saving, there seems to be some form of incentive for everyone.

How do the incentives help your company be successful?
The incentives have greatly helped IFS be successful.  From this program we have not only developed projects, but also have found it to be the motivating factor for customers to make the financial investment to move forward on others.

How important is energy efficiency to your business?
Extremely important. With the ever growing focus in efficiency and sustainability in facilities, we continue to explore ways to achieve these efficiencies on a daily basis.

What does being a trade ally mean to  you?  What is the best part and benefits to being a trade ally?
The best part of being a trade ally is the support, and willingness to be creative in exploring energy savings.  Being a trade ally means a partnership in a common goal to bringing awareness to energy reduction and finding ways in achieving that reduction for facilities.

What was your most memorable project?
IFS has completed so many projects that identifying one might be difficult. For me, I think the ones that stand out are the installations of VDF’s to any manufacturer’s chillers, and to RTU’s.  This is something that’s a bit more out of the box thinking, and always make for successful projects.

What do the trade ally awards mean to you?
For me, it’s nice to see companies recognized for their efforts in energy reduction.  We all work hard to be successful, but it’s great to see companies feel noticed for their efforts.

For more information about the Ameren Trade Ally BizSaver Program, call Jim Gianopulos at 636-680-2100