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Serving the St. Louis Region, Mid-Missouri and Metro East

Why does my air conditioner (fill in the blank) ?

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Hot summer days here in St. Louis probably means that your air conditioner is getting a lot of use. As with any piece of machinery, things may not always function as intended. We took to Google to see what people were searching for the most in terms of their air conditioner, and answered the top five questions for you right here!

Why does my air conditioner…

Run when the heat is on?
There are two common causes for this. The first is that the compressor contacts are welded closed and it physically cannot shut off. The second is that the thermostat is malfunctioning or has quit working all together. This could be a sign of a problem for which you should call a contractor.

Smell bad?
Often times, this is a sign of a dirty filter or dirty grilles. You should check your filter for any sort of obstructions or excessive dirt. Clean your filter or install a new filter. You can also clean your grilles, and check the ducts immediately below the grills. If the problem persists, contact a mechanical contractor or a duct cleaning company.

Fan keep running?
Some air conditioner has a feature that allows the fan to run regularly for air circulation purposes. If your system does not function this way, it could again be a contactor that is stuck closed. You should contact a contractor.

Not turn off?
If your air conditioner runs constantly and the temperature is never satisfied, it could be an indication of several different problems. These range from low refrigerant, to bad contactors or even a bad compressor. Whatever the cause may be, you should contact a mechanical contractor immediately.

Condenser freeze?
This commonly occurs because of low refrigerant or air flow restrictions across the compressor. You can start by cleaning the compressor housing with a garden hose. (See our video for detailed instructions) If the unit freezes again, call a contractor to check your refrigerant levels.

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